Say Buh-Bye to Desert Dry Air, Skin, and Eyes with a Whole-House Humidifier

Benefits of a whole-house humidifier

Dry air is the culprit of a lot of struggles – cracked lips, dry skin, and itchy eyes to name a few. Many of us feel the effects of dry air, especially once the winter months hit. So instead of stashing lip balm in every corner of your home and office, think about the benefits of installing a whole-house humidifier.

Moisturize the Air, Moisturize Your Skin

If you or members of your family deal with cracked skin, chapped lips, nose bleeds, or have trouble with dry contacts, installing a whole-house humidifier will drastically help resolve those issues. When we have the heat on, the indoor humidity levels can drop to 10 percent or less. Humidifiers add moisture to the air and, therefore our skin and eyes, making it much easier for everyone to go about their day-to-day.

Sneezy to Sleepy

Newer models of humidifiers can help relieve allergy symptoms by regulating the moisture in the air without overdoing it. If a home is too moist it increases the chance of the spread of dust mites, and if it’s too dry other allergens can aggravate the throat and nose. With a whole-house humidifier you can control the humidity in your entire home with the touch of a button. Regulating this will help soothe the nose and throat passages and decrease allergy symptoms. It can also help people with asthma and other upper respiratory issues.
With the ease of allergy symptoms, and other respiratory issues, comes the ease of snoring. With that throat-soothing factor, comes an ear-soothing factor as well. If you’re a mouth breather, added moisture in the air will help you sleep more comfortably and keep you from snoring. Win-win for you and whoever falls asleep next to you. Also, if you forget that glass of water on your nightstand, no problem.

Cost and Energy Efficiency

Your house itself can suffer from dry air as well. It can cause damage to wood floors, doors, and furniture by drying it out and causing it to crack. The joints in wood floors can loosen, doors can swell or shrink making them difficult to open or close, and furniture arms or legs can wobble. Installing a whole-house humidifier will help reduce the risk of damaging these items in your home and eliminate maintenance costs or inconveniences.

Another great thing about humidifiers is the more humid the air is, the more it holds heat. That means you won’t have to turn up your heat as high as you would without a humidifier. This will save energy, as well as money in the long run since you won’t be running your heat as high over the course of the winter.

In Minnesota winters, your home’s heating system is an all-star player, but the whole-house humidifier is the MVP. If you feel you could benefit from installing a whole-house humidifier in your home, contact us today for financing options or more information.

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Extend the Life of Your Heat Pump with Supreme Stand

heat pump stand

We all start the year with good intentions, but where does the time go? Do you find yourself still trying to complete long overdue chores or home upgrades? These last few months can mean crunch time on your 2017 to-do list.

While it might be a little late for some items, there is one upgrade that your heating and cooling system would thank you for – installing a Supreme Stands® heat pump stand.

Benefits of Heat Pump Stands

Heat pump stands can mean significant savings for your home and extend the life of your heat pump, saving you money. Here’s how:

  1. Protect your unit from the elements. Raising your system up above the height of the average snowfall can help prevent coverage from snow and ice. In warmer days, a stand can also help ensure there are no obstructions of air flow by grass or other objects.
  2. More efficient running and adequate draining. When the heat pump is pumped up, a stand takes stress off the coils and allows it to run more efficiently, including letting it drain properly.
  3. Other benefits of Supreme Stands® heat pump stands
    • Appealing design.
    • Supports up to 2,000 pounds.
    • Built and powder-coated to protect against a harsh climate.

Easy Installation

Heating and Cooling Two offers a variety of Supreme Stands® heat pump stands that are easy to install. Contact us to learn more about our Supreme Stands® heat pump stand options.

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Be Prepared! Three Tips to Prepare for a Blizzard

prepare your heating systems for a blizzard

Fall/Winter has hit Minnesota! The air is getting colder and snow has started to creep into the forecast. It won’t be long until we have our first blizzard. To relieve the stress of the storm, here are three tips to prepare your heating systems for a blizzard.

Double check and regularly replace carbon monoxide detectors. This is especially important if you have natural gas heat. Should the storm knock power out, it can cause a buildup of exhaust or gas in your home.

Locate your furnace exhaust pipe. Not all furnaces exhaust through the roof; sometimes they are on the side of your house. Educate other family members that clearing away snow is the best way to prevent exhaust build up during a blizzard. Gently knock off icicles and remove snow from the outside of the pipes. If the pipes are blocked, they will shut down your unit and leave you with NO HEAT!

Have a backup plan and call us for help. During a storm, if your heating system goes out, call us for help. We will work our hardest to get out to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, have a backup plan such as a generator, fireplace, electric heater, blankets etc. to keep you warm until we can get to you.

These are just a few suggestions. Taking the time to prepare a plan will save you a major headache before a storm. Also, regular preventive maintenance will keep your HVAC systems in the best condition.

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Heating and Cooling Tips for Pet Owners

Heating and Cooling Tips for Pet Owners

Are you a cat or dog person? Or maybe you have both in your household. Pets can make a house feel like a home and nothing beats an evening of cuddling with your dog or cat. Pets can also mean more work including the not-so-enjoyable early wakeup calls and accidents. For better or worse, sharing your home with a pet can mean reworking a few habits, especially when it comes to your heating and cooling systems. The extra dirt, hair, and air from pet doors can put more stress on those appliances. Below are a few tips to keep both your pets and HVAC systems happy.

Heating and Cooling Tips for Pet Owners:

Regularly replace air filters.

Pets can mean more dander, hair, and dirt floating around your house. These can end up clogging up your filters. Check your air filters before the recommended time and replace as needed.

Brush and bath your pet frequently.

Some pets may not enjoy this tip, but bathing and brushing your pet often can help reduce the previously mentioned hair, dander and dirt floating in your home.

Install a programmable thermostat.

We all want our pets to be comfortable. However, they do have built-in heating and cooling systems. If it’s possible, when you are not around during the day, set your furnace and air conditioner to a safe “away” temperature. Also, shutting off fans when not in use will save energy as well as relieve some stress from your HVAC systems.

Keep pets away from outside AC or Condenser Units.

Putting a fence around your external heating and cooling units can help keep your pet from clawing or urinating on the units, which can cause significant problems as well as possibly harming your pet.

These are just a few tips to keep your heating and cooling systems pet-friendly. Scheduling regular preventive maintenance can also help protect your HVAC systems. Save money and time by keeping your systems operating at their best! Call us today to learn more.

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Being Proactive is a Smart Move When It Comes to Your Furnace


Have you ever hosted a family holiday party (that can sometimes even mean overnight guests) or invited friends over for a big game, and little by little the house starts to lean toward frigid? You think to yourself that the house getting a bit chilly is odd, as it usually heats up with a house full of people. You check the thermostat, confirming the switch is turned to heat, but the temperature continues to drop and there is no warm air coming out of the vents. Your guests start to notice the crisp air, Aunt Lizzie is now wearing gloves, and you have no answers.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Furnaces breakdown every day, and usually at the most inconvenient times. Historically speaking, there is never a really good time to have furnace trouble, unless it somehow coincides with unseasonably warm weather. But, that rarely happens either.

Never fear, there is hope when it comes to controlling the fate of your furnace. That’s right, there is no need to head into winter with your fingers crossed, hoping that this won’t be the winter that the furnace breaks down. Nope, this winter you can take matters into your own hands, take the bull by horns, grab the wheel, and… well, you get it.

What we are talking about is scheduling a furnace tune-up before the weather really starts to get cold. An annual furnace tune-up is a proactive measure to ensure that your furnace continues to run smoothly. Just like your car, your furnace requires regular maintenance. An annual furnace tune-up is not only good from a maintenance standpoint, but it can also help detect potential issues, preventing unexpected breakdowns in the future.

Wait!!! We’ve got more good news. If you do experience furnace issues, convenient times or not, you can call us to help. We are available during regular business hours and we also provide 24-hour emergency service to customers in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.
Give us a call at Heating & Cooling Two to schedule a furnace tune-up.

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Get Ready for Winter with Our Fall Maintenance Checklist


Fall Maintenance Checklist

Hey Twin Cities, is your home ready for winter? If not, let’s get it ready. Below is a list of things of things to consider this fall to prepare for the winter months ahead.

2017 Heating & Cooling Two Winter Checklist

  • Be Prepared. Test your furnace early in the season to make sure it is in good working condition.
  • Be Proactive. Schedule a furnace tune-up to ensure your furnace runs smoothly all winter. A furnace tune-up is also an opportunity to catch any potential issues before they become real problems – at an inconvenient time.
  • Clear the way. Clear heating vents of any items that may be blocking air flow. Keeping air vents free of furniture, clothing, and other items helps evenly distribute warm air throughout the room. The more challenging it is for the furnace to push out warm air and heat a room, the harder your furnace is forced to work.
  • Keep it Clean. Change your furnace filter on a regular basis. A clean air filter not only takes stress away from the furnace, but also helps improve indoor air quality during the winter months.
  • Test it Out. Now is the perfect time to not only test carbon monoxide detectors, but while you are at it, test smoke alarms as well.
  • Be Smart. Install Smart thermostats, which allows you to regulate and set temperatures while you are away and at night, saving energy and utility costs.
  • Switch it up. Turn your humidifier switch to winter and open the bypass on the unit. Change the humidifier pad frequently and set the humidity level to 35%.
  • Flip the Script. Reverse the switch so that your ceiling fans rotate clockwise to produce an updraft and push the heated air back down into the room.
  • Exit Only. Install Diamond Vent Screens on exhaust pipes to keep furry friends and debris out of PVC pipes.
  • Seal it Up. Consider having your air ducts sealed airtight with AEROSEAL to prevent warm air from escaping and cold air entering through leaky air ducts.

Have questions about winter prep for your furnace and home? Interested in scheduling an annual tune-up? Give us a call at 763.428.3677. If you experience unexpected furnace issues, give us a call. We offer 24-hour emergency service to customers in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.

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Winter is Coming. Are you Ready?

Heating and Cooling System

Ready for the cold weather of winter? OK, we get it, we get it. We know that it is hard to think of the cold and snow when we are all still enjoying the warm weather of August. But, in the words of almost every character on the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.”

Like it or not, the days are getting shorter and the weather will start to cool down soon. While you may not be ready to shift seasons, it is important that your heating and cooling system is ready, no matter what season it is.

Not quite sure what to do to prepare? Here are a few suggestions to keep you on the ball and ready to rock, whenever Mother Nature decides to switch things up.

Get a tune up

Performing a regular furnace tune up or air conditioning tune up will help you and your HVAC system in the long run. By having your furnace and air conditioner cleaned, inspected, and tuned up on a regular basis is not only smart, but can save you money. By having your system inspected, an expert can monitor the performance and help avoid future issues, which can save money on emergency service calls or complete system replacement.

Replace your old system

How old is your current furnace or air conditioner? Are repairs starting to add up? Is it getting harder and harder to heat your home in the winter or cool it down in the summer? It might be time to replace the old system. Adding a new, energy efficient furnace or air conditioner will not only save you money on repair costs, it will save you money on your utility bills as well. If your system is over 15 years old and giving your grief, we recommend replacing before investing any more money in repairs.

Schedule regular maintenance

Just like an oil change for your car, your furnace and air conditioner need to have regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly. We recommend that a qualified HVAC technician service your HVAC equipment every 12 months. At Heating & Cooling Two, we have annual maintenance packages or Planned Service Agreements that keep you on track and provide special benefits, like discounts on service repairs and service calls/diagnostic fees. We offer multiple levels of Planned Service Agreements (P.S.A.) — Platinum, Gold and Silver.

Have questions about your current system? Want to schedule a tune up? Give us a call at Heating & Cooling Two. We are happy to help. Also, don’t forget about our HOT DEALS on service or system replacement.

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Five Signs That You May Need to Replace Your Current Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Oh, the dog days of summer! Don’t you just love the warm weather and sunshine? What do you love more, the sunny, warm weather or the relief you feel when you step inside into the cool air conditioning?

While there is nothing better than Minnesota in the summer (unless you love winter), there is nothing worse than a broken air conditioner and a hot house. Doesn’t it seem like the AC breaks down during the hottest days (and nights) of summer?

Five Signs That It Might Be Time to Replace the AC

Little Air Flow

There is little to no air flow being pushed out of your vents when you turn on your thermostat.

Not Cool

The air that is coming out of the vents is warm, and that’s not cool.

Pay for Air Conditioning Repairs. Repeat.

You are spending more on repeated repairs than a new AC system would cost. Let me repeat, you are spending more on repairs than a new AC system would cost. Invest your money in a replacement air conditioner.

It’s Old

Plain and simple, your central air conditioner is old. We know that it can be hard to say goodbye, but there comes a time in an air conditioner’s life when we must say “so long.” The average life span of an air conditioning system is 15 years. If that time has come or you are nearing it, it might be time to replace the old AC with a new energy efficient model. Not only will you be saving money on repairs, but with an energy efficient air conditioner, you will also save on monthly utility bills.

Something is Up

Does your air conditioner sound funny, smell funny, or is it leaking something? If any or all are happening, call a professional Heating & Cooling Two specialist to evaluate the issue. Yes, it might only require a simple repair, but don’t delay, as simple issues can quickly turn into bigger problems down the road.

While a replacement is not always needed, it is recommended to have an annual tune-up or maintenance on your current heating and cooling system. If you are having trouble cooling down your home, give us a call at Heating & Cooling Two. Our team of HVAC repair specialists will evaluate the issue and discuss repair or replacement options and pricing. If you do need repair or A/C replacement, check out our Hot Deals.

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Improving Indoor Air Quality in the Summer

indoor air quality

Remember last winter when we shared our blog called Improve Air Quality During the Winter Months? We were inspired to write that blog during the cold days of winter, when everyone was cooped up inside, living with all of the indoor air pollutants that are trapped in the home, office, gym, and school.

Well, we have news for you — indoor air quality is not so hot in the summer either. If you think about it, it makes sense. It is just like winter, except flip the script…it is hot. Once the temperature outside starts to rise, we shut our doors and windows to stay comfortable, just like winter, but instead turn on the AC.

While winter is cold and dry, summer brings a bit of a twist. Summers in Minnesota tend to be hot and humid. Our 10,000+ lakes are to thank for our summer humidity. When humidity gets trapped in our homes, it promotes the growth of bacteria and mold, which is not good.

What can you do to improve the air quality in your home during the hot and humid days of summer? Oh, let us tell you the ways.

Upgrade Your AC

Was your current AC system installed during the Reagan Administration? Ok, so maybe it isn’t that old, but you get it. Upgrading an old air conditioner with a high efficiency system offers many benefits to homeowners, such as improved air quality, humidity control, and reduced utility costs.

Reduce Humidity

A great way to reduce indoor humidity is to have a whole-home dehumidifier installed in your home, which can be an add-on to your current system. A de-humidifier controls the level of humidity in your home, reducing excess moisture in the air, which is helpful in controlling asthma and allergies.

Keep it Clean

Replace air filters on a regular basis. Keeping air filters clean helps keep indoor air clean. If you have a dirty air filter, the air pushing through your system will be redistributing that dirt and dust through your vents.

Let it Flow

Installing an air exchanger in your home helps produce fresh air and proper ventilation, reducing dust, excess humidity, and indoor air pollutants.

Suck it Up

Vacuuming carpets, rugs, pillows, mattresses, upholstery, and drapes on a regular basis is helpful in the battle against indoor air pollutants.

Let Heating & Cooling Two help you improve the indoor air quality in your home. For questions or concerns regarding indoor air quality or issues with your current cooling system, give us a call at Heating & Cooling Two at 763-428-3677. We offer free estimates and evaluations to determine the best course of action.






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Tips for Reducing Utility Costs this Summer

reduce energy costs

Do you like to save money? If you are like most homeowners, saving money during the summer months is a hot topic. Want to know another hot topic during the summer? Staying as cool as possible.  Although saving money is very important, the comfort of you and your family is even more important.

Don’t worry. You can have it all…fame, fortune, and a cool house. Ok, so maybe not fame or even fortune, but you can save a little cash and stay cool this summer.  At Heating & Cooling Two, we have come up with a few suggestions for increasing the energy efficiency in your home, helping to reduce utility costs.

Let it Flow

This is a super easy fix. Check your vents. If you have something blocking the air flowing from your vents, this will cause your AC system to work harder and run longer to cool your home.  The easier it is to cool the rooms inside your home, the less your system will need to run, reducing utility costs. Doesn’t that sound efficient? It is energy efficient, to be exact.

Be Smart about Indoor Temps

Invest in a smart thermostat or programmable thermostat. Programmable thermostats can be scheduled to increase or decrease the temperature in your home depending on time of day, area or zone of your home, or both. Are you at work all day? There is no need to keep rooms as cool when you are away all day. The same goes for when you are sleeping at night. Installing and being strategic about your thermostat is easy.

Blinded by the Light

Does your home get flooded with sunlight during the day? Before you leave for work, shut any blinds or curtains that can prevent the sun from warming up the rooms in your home. Blocking the sun from coming in during the day can help naturally decrease room temperatures, making your system work less.

Sprung a Leak?

Do you have rooms in your home that are difficult to keep cool? You would be surprised to know that many homes have leaky air ducts, causing the cool air to escape outside the home. Having your air ducts sealed is an easy solution to keeping the cool air in and hot air out.

Need a Tune-up?

An annual tune-up is recommended to all homeowners. Annual tune-ups are a proactive way to keep your system running at its very best and finding issues before they become emergencies. We also offer Scheduled Maintenance Plans at great rates that keep homeowners on task with tune-ups and maintenance.

If you have questions or concerns on your current air conditioning system or any of our cost saving suggestions, give us a call at Heating & Cooling Two at 763-428-3677. We are happy to discuss any issues and offer free estimates and evaluations. Is your AC on its last leg or not working at all? Give us a call. In a pinch? No problem. We also offer emergency service.



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