HVAC Facts You’ll Appreciate

HVAC facts

There was a time when air conditioning and central furnaces were a luxury not many could afford. At one point in time, air conditioning didn’t even exist, and fireplaces were the only way to heat homes. The HVAC industry has come a long way in efficiency and pricing.

Here are a few HVAC facts to satisfy your curiosity:

  1. The first commercial air conditioner was built in 1902 by Willis Carrier. He came up with the idea when he worked for a publishing company where the heat was causing the paper to wrinkle and the ink to run.
  2. The first fully air-conditioned home was the Charles Gates Mansion, built in Minneapolis in 1913 by Charles Gilbert Gates.
  3. Herbert Hoover was the first President to enjoy air conditioning in the White House. He installed an A/C system in the oval office for $30,000.
  4. The Romans were the first culture to have furnace systems. Hot air would be circulated through pipes and warm the walls and floors from a furnace below the main level of their home. The system was called a hypocaust.
  5. Natural gas was originally used for outdoor and indoor lighting—not heat.
  6. The first car with air conditioning was built in 1939 by the Packard Motor Company. The system took up half the trunk space, and the price was more than most people could afford. Consequently, it wasn’t received well on the market. Packard discontinued A/C in their vehicles after 1941.
  7. Your home could be 30% more energy efficient if you add insulation and caulking around your doors and windows.
  8. Scientific studies show that our tolerance for heat has lessened because of air conditioning.
  9. One of the first buildings to use A/C was the New York Stock Exchange Building in 1903.

The next time your A/C stops working, consider how far technology has come since the first commercial air conditioner. Then, call Heating and Cooling Two. We can install and repair your air conditioner or update your HVAC system so you can stay warm in the winter months without having to stoke a fire.

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Get to Know Your Trusted Comfort Experts

trusted comfort experts

Home is where the heart is. Where memories are made with your loved ones. When your home is the perfect temperature, those special moments are even more enjoyable. Most homeowners prefer warm and toasty in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. Keeping your home comfortable is our job. Before inviting us into your home, let us introduce ourselves.

Why Heating & Cooling Two?

We have been family owned since 1980. We know that the proper heating and cooling of your home or office is critical. We love to laugh on our social media, but we take providing the best service seriously.

Our team of experts have over 30 plus years of experience in heating, cooling, and ventilation. When you call Heating & Cooling Two, our professional staff stands ready to meet and exceed your HVAC service expectations. We even have a full-service sheet metal shop. Our solid vendor relationships allow us to provide the best services and products.

Whether it’s installing a new home comfort system or routine preventive maintenance, you can expect professional and courteous service as well as dependable products. Our HVAC technicians stay up to date with the latest energy efficient and money-saving technologies. Our team strives to complete jobs on time.

When it comes to your family or business, you want a dependable air conditioning and heating system. Thanks to Heating & Cooling Two, you can expect service that provides the comfort and value that your family deserves.

Heating & Cooling Two is fully insured, bonded, and licensed. Call the trusted comfort experts to keep the perfect temperature in your home every season!

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Why is Your Air Conditioner Freezing Up?


Mysterious things can happen in your home. Who’s the culprit behind the missing cookie? Why are we always out of toilet paper? Why is your air conditioner freezing up? Don’t let your HVAC system become an unsolved mystery.

Before we get too far into the why, we need to deal with the immediate issue.

What to do if Your Air Conditioner Freezes:

  • Shut off the A/C. Conserve energy. This will also reduce the risk of damaging the compressor.
  • Melt the ice. Take a blow dryer to your evaporator coil or simply turn on the A/C fan without running the compressor.
  • Drain the water. While the ice is melting, make sure the drain isn’t blocked. Depending on your air conditioner, you may need to open the ductwork to suction out the water. For window air conditioners, slightly tilt the unit so the water will drain outside.

What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze?

Low Refrigerant Levels

Low refrigerant levels can freeze the evaporator coil. Incorrectly charged refrigerant or a refrigerant leak could be the culprit. Call an HVAC professional to seal the leak or replace the refrigerant.

Dirty Air Filter

Low airflow? Hot, humid air is important to keeping your A/C from freezing. Regularly change your air filter to take the added stress off your unit.

Closed Supply Registers

A common money-saving tip is to shut supply registers in unoccupied rooms. Find the right balance. Prevent freezing by only closing a quarter of your home’s supply registers.

Damaged Blower Fan

Your air conditioner’s blower fan helps get the cold air where it needs to go. The blower motor needs to pull in the proper amount of air to flow over the evaporator coil. A correct balance of air flow and air pressure can solve the freezing issue.

Thermostat Problems

A malfunctioning thermostat could be the reason for the freezin’. The air running constantly can also be a waste of money. Read our tips for other common thermostat problems.
Avert this home mystery by getting regular annual preventative maintenance. Call the trusted comfort experts at Heating & Cooling Two today to schedule an appointment.

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Cleaning Made Easy – Maintaining your Ductless Mini-Split System

Maintaining your Ductless Mini-Split System

School’s out! Remember when summer meant freedom… except on the days your parents left the dreaded chore list? Your day of soaking up the sun then became a day of cleaning. Now that you’re an adult, chores are unavoidable, but that doesn’t mean they should be complicated.

We have shared tips on cleaning your dryer vents, home spring cleaning, and HVAC pest proofing. In this post, we’ll focus on maintaining your ductless mini- split system.

Unfamiliar with the benefits of a ductless mini split system?

Benefits of a Ductless Mini Split System:

  • Total control of individual rooms. The system will adjust automatically to keep rooms comfortable.
  • Improvement of air quality. Removing ducts reduces dust and pollutants, improving your indoor air quality.
  • Energy efficiency. Ductless mini-split systems can be more efficient than conventional HVAC units.
  • Convenient control with a smartphone. Most systems come with apps that make it easy to adjust and manage the comfort of your home.

Maintaining Your Ductless Mini Split System

It’s easy to forget to take care of the systems that keep your home comfortable. By giving them a little TLC, it will help extend their life and enhance their performance.

Clean and Replace Filters

Regularly clean and replace your filters. Dirty filters can cause your ductless mini-split system to struggle to push air into the room. Extra strain on your unit can cause unexpected issues. Don’t make it work harder.

Give it Some

Taking up less space is a major benefit to a ductless mini-split system. However, you’ll need to make sure that the outdoor unit has enough space. Clear the outdoor unit of debris, vegetation, or snow. Proper air flow will add years to the life of your machine.

Keep it Clean Inside and Out

Periodically cleaning your ductless mini-split system will also extend its life. Remove dust and other particles that collect on the unit. Wiping down the face and vents will ensure that no wayward particles clog up your unit.

Don’t forget to clean the outdoor part of your unit as well. Clean the coil and condenser. Spray these components with your garden hose to remove particles and debris. If any of the fins bend during this process, realign them with a comb.

Regular Maintenance

Home cleaning and maintenance protect your machine’s life. We also recommend having your unit inspected by a professional twice a year. Professional HVAC service technicians will check drain hoses and identify refrigerant leaks. Regular routine maintenance extends the life of your heating and cooling systems and will help catch minor problems before they turn into major ones.

Call Heating and Cooling Two today to schedule your routine maintenance. Need help determining if a ductless mini split system is right for your home? Our comfort experts are here to help.

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Thermostat not reading properly? Here’s how to tell.

Common thermostat problems

Losing your cool? Summer can cause temperatures to rise in more ways than one. The recent hot and humid weather tested our moods as well as our air conditioners. How did your home fair? Common thermostat problems develop if your thermostat and HVAC systems are not communicating. This can result in inconsistent temperatures in your home.

Common Thermostat Problems

Control your temper… ature. Here are a few common thermostat problems and their fixes.

Malfunctioning Sensor

A malfunctioning sensor will incorrectly read the temperature of the room. Recalibrating your thermostat may fix this. Depending on the age and technology, a better solution may be to upgrade.

Dirty Components

A build-up of dirt obstructs your unit’s ability to read an accurate room temperature. Easily solved with a good cleaning! Clear away the dust and debris by cleaning the inside of your thermostat with a soft brush. Remove corrosion from metal contacts by using an electrical cleaner on a cotton swap.


HVAC placement impacts the heating and cooling of your home. Placement plays a large role in how well your thermostat will function. If your thermostat is in a poor location, it will not accurately be able to read the temperature of the room.


Older mercury thermostats performance will suffer if they are not level. Break out your level and double check and/or correct. Didn’t solve the problem? Then it may be time to upgrade.

Time for an Upgrade

Unlike wine, thermostats do not get better with age. Upgrade and take advantage of the new efficiency and technology available.

Our comfort experts can recommend a wide range of dependable thermostats, including Evolution® Connex™ Control by Bryant. Control your home’s temperature, humidity, and air quality. Additional features can include:

  • Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Control on the go. Connect your phone or tablet.
  • Optimized HVAC efficiency.
  • Energy savings.

Call us today to learn more about possible options or for your system tune-up. Don’t struggle to achieve the perfect home temperature. Schedule your appointment today!

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Hot Days Ahead – Do Air Conditioners Dehumidify?

indoor air quality

Bring on the hot days! Temperatures continue to climb, which means the humidity will too. Humidity can be killer and impact the condition of your home. Too much humidity can mean that dust mites, mold, and mildew thrive. Other issues include inducing allergies, condensation on windows, and peeling wallpaper. Well-balanced indoor air quality is important for keeping your whole family comfortable. Do you need to install a dehumidifier or ventilation system or is your air conditioner enough?

Do Air Conditioners Dehumidify?

Yes, your air conditioner does dehumidify. This is not its main function. An air conditioner’s main job is to cool a room. Normally this happens through a heat exchange process. Air conditioners pull warm air into the system and run it over refrigerant-filled coils. The new cool air is then sent back into the room. The extracted heat is pushed outside. During this process, the AC does take some moisture from the air, thus dehumidify.
A dehumidifier’s main job is to remove the moisture from the air. The process of dehumidifying the air is different than that of an air conditioner. Instead of cooling the air, the dehumidifier heats it and extracts the moisture into a draining system, removing the moisture from your home altogether.

More Efficient Options

Do you like it hot? Or freezing? Dehumidifying a room with your AC would need a very cold temperature setting. Instead of turning your home into an ice box, we have other solutions:

Modulating & Multi-Stage Air Conditioners

Modulating and multi-stage AC units, like Bryant’s model 189 and 127, remove additional humidity versus standard single-speed AC units with their ability to run air slowly across the coils and extract extra moisture. To make this technology work in your home, a furnace or air handler with a variable speed fan and a thermostat with the ability to control humidity is required.


Install or buy a dehumidifier. If the main goal is to remove the moisture, then this is your best option. If only one room needs the humidity reduced, this can be a very cost-effective option.

Ventilation Systems

Ventilation is one area of heating and cooling that is often overlooked. A ventilation fan can be key to stopping the moisture before it becomes a problem, especially in the bathroom. A fan removes moisture before it reaches your AC.

If you think you have too much humidity in your home, call your comfort experts at Heating and Cooling Two. We can recommend ways to improve your indoor air quality and humidity levels.

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Steady the Flow – HVAC Vent System Placement

HVAC vent system

Home heating and cooling systems can be a bit mysterious. If everything is running fine, then for most people, there is no worry. Hakuna matata. But if temperatures fluctuate in different areas of your home, your flow could be off. We aren’t talking about your yoga flow, but your HVAC vent system. Not all vents are created equal. An HVAC system needs both supply and return registers to run properly. For your unit to run efficiently, the supply and return registers also need to be in the right place. Not sure how the HVAC vent system works? We explain more below.

Understanding Your HVAC Vent System

Return Registers

Depending on your home, return registers can be large and centrally located or in every room. To help with flow and temperature control, HVAC professionals recommend that each room has a cold air return vent. These vents are commonly located on an interior wall. Cold air return vents can also save on energy costs by pulling air from inside your home rather than the variable outside air.

Supply Registers

Supply register vents should be in every room as well. Located on the outer walls, under windows, in the ceiling, or on the floor, placement depends on the heating or cooling system as well as the construction of the home. Supply vents help change the room temperature to your desired heat or cool setting.
Be careful that the return and supply registers are not too close together. The air from the supply vent needs time to circulate the room. If the vents are too close together, this can cause the air to slip away without impacting the room temperature.

Proper Placement of Vents

Below are a few HVAC vent system considerations and placement recommendations.


Since the goal of return vents is to get the air back to your heating and cooling units, height can be flexible. Depending on the duct systems, they can in the floor or ceiling.
The supply vents, which push air throughout your house, must be in the proper place. Your heating and cooling systems, as well as the construction of your home, will determine the height.

Room Placement

Room placement can be key to keeping your home evenly heated and cooled. Large rooms should have at least one supply register. The supply register should also not be too close to doors, so the air doesn’t escape.

Window Placement

For optimum flow, most homes are designed with supply registers close to the windows. The warm air pushed up from the vents can create a buffer layer against the window.

Your HVAC vent system is an important part of the heating and cooling of your home. Correct placement can help save money and keep your family comfortable. Think your vents and ducts may need an update? Contact us to have one of our HVAC specialists take a look.

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Chill Out! – The Benefits of an A/C Tune-Up

Benefits of an A/C Tune-Up

Daydreaming of warmer days? Spring is off to a slow start this year. Even though it hasn’t been as warm as usual, you should still consider preparing for the summer months. Stay cool this summer by getting your air conditioner ready before the heat arrives.

Benefits of an A/C Tune-Up

Avoid Repairs

Catching a potential problem early usually means saving money. This statement applies to all of your HVAC systems. Yearly tune-ups and maintenance allow a tech to go through the entire system and address small problems before they turn into major ones.


When the heat arrives, you’ll want your system to work every time you flip the switch. Keeping your A/C unit in peak operating condition will ensure that it works properly when the temperatures climb.

Lower Your Utility Bills

One of the benefits of an A/C tune-up is that it can help lower your utility bills. Keeping your air conditioner running efficiently means using less energy. Less energy means you could expect a lower utility bill.

Extend the Life

Keep cool for longer. Extend the life of your air conditioner. Well-maintained air conditioners can last much longer, adding years to your investment.

 Improve Indoor Air Quality

With chilly temps hanging around longer than expected, your air conditioner has been idle for longer. Gunk, grime, dust, and debris have moved in. Don’t send all those wonderful things into your home! Before you flip the switch, get your A/C unit cleaned out.

Long and sunny summer days will be here before you know it. Don’t worry about your HVAC system when the heat strikes. Call us and schedule an A/C tune-up!

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Keep out Uninvited Houseguests – Pest-Proof your HVAC Systems

pest proof your HVAC system

Everyone loves having company. Entertaining family and friends fills your house with laughter and merriment. But the fun can end when visitors overstay or drop by unannounced. While we can’t keep Uncle Ned from wearing out his welcome, we can offer a few tips to pest-proof your HVAC systems and home.

HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning

Keeping up with routine maintenance can help prevent pests in your home. Don’t skip out on furnace and A/C tune-ups, bi-yearly cleanings, and inspections. Bonus: Regular HVAC Maintenance will also extend the life of your units.

Speaking of cleaning… Get your air ducts cleaned regularly. Cleaning will remove debris and allergens, improving your indoor air quality. Regular inspections by an HVAC professional can catch any potential problems early.

Seal Ducts and Vents

Leaky ducts and vents can be a perfect way for unwanted guest to get in. Besides cleaning, sealing your ductwork and vents will also keep out odors, pests, and allergens. Bonus: Sealing the leaks can lower your HVAC costs.

Clear and Protect Outdoor Units

Some of your HVAC units can be exposed to the elements. Protect your outdoor units by properly mounting them on a raised slab. Installing a Supreme Stands® heat pump stand will also guard your heating systems from snow, ice, and water. In the summer months, routinely cut back grass and weeds from your units.

If your furnace or water heater vents into a PVC pipe through a side wall, then you need a Diamond Vent Screen. Diamond Vent Screens prevent blockages by leaves, birds, chipmunks, children’s toys, landscape rocks, etc.

We have been family owned since 1980. When it comes to your family or business, you deserve a reliable air conditioning and heating system that gives you comfort, value, and peace of mind. At Heating & Cooling Two, that’s exactly what you’ll get. We can’t help with Uncle Ned or other unwanted houseguests, but if you find yourself in need of an HVAC professional to help pest-proof your HVAC systems, give us a call!

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Rock Your Spring Cleaning – Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Get Your Home Ready for Spring

It’s official; Spring has sprung. This wonderful time of year means longer days, warmer weather, and everything turns green. Get your home ready for spring by taking care of some yearly home maintenance. Bonus: our list will allow you to take advantage of the mild weather and pleasant temperatures!

Get Your Home Ready for Spring

Inspect Your Roof and Foundation

As the snow melts and the ground thaws, your home may shift a little. Checking your foundation and roof can help prevent major problems in the future. Your roof is your first line of defense against water damage.

Clean Your Gutters

Protecting your home from water damage should also include cleaning out your gutters. Gutters divert rain away from your home. Focus on prevention so you don’t have a costly repair later.

Change Your HVAC Filters

Changing your HVAC filters once a month can improve and extend the life of your heating and cooling systems. If you haven’t even thought about your filters, now may be the perfect time to get back on track to changing them monthly.

Regular Maintenance on Furnace and AirConditioners

Speaking of extending the life of your HVAC systems, spring is a great time to get a furnace and AC tune-up. Getting a tune-up now means that you will be ready for both summer and fall.

Clean Your Dryer Vent

Often overlooked, a yearly cleaning of your dryer vent can prevent a fire and keep your machine running at its top performance. For a refresher of all the benefits, read our latest blog about it.

Replace Batteries in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Take advantage of the change of season to check and replace batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Double check that they are in good working order to keep your family safe.

To help get your home ready for Spring, call or schedule an appointment today. Our trained professionals will make sure your HVAC systems are in tip-top shape.

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