Being Proactive is a Smart Move When It Comes to Your Furnace


Have you ever hosted a family holiday party (that can sometimes even mean overnight guests) or invited friends over for a big game, and little by little the house starts to lean toward frigid? You think to yourself that the house getting a bit chilly is odd, as it usually heats up with a house full of people. You check the thermostat, confirming the switch is turned to heat, but the temperature continues to drop and there is no warm air coming out of the vents. Your guests start to notice the crisp air, Aunt Lizzie is now wearing gloves, and you have no answers.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. Furnaces breakdown every day, and usually at the most inconvenient times. Historically speaking, there is never a really good time to have furnace trouble, unless it somehow coincides with unseasonably warm weather. But, that rarely happens either.

Never fear, there is hope when it comes to controlling the fate of your furnace. That’s right, there is no need to head into winter with your fingers crossed, hoping that this won’t be the winter that the furnace breaks down. Nope, this winter you can take matters into your own hands, take the bull by horns, grab the wheel, and… well, you get it.

What we are talking about is scheduling a furnace tune-up before the weather really starts to get cold. An annual furnace tune-up is a proactive measure to ensure that your furnace continues to run smoothly. Just like your car, your furnace requires regular maintenance. An annual furnace tune-up is not only good from a maintenance standpoint, but it can also help detect potential issues, preventing unexpected breakdowns in the future.

Wait!!! We’ve got more good news. If you do experience furnace issues, convenient times or not, you can call us to help. We are available during regular business hours and we also provide 24-hour emergency service to customers in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas.
Give us a call at Heating & Cooling Two to schedule a furnace tune-up.

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