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Trusted, Reliable HVAC Maintenance and Repair

Our licensed technicians can perform service on many makes and models. We’ll inspect your current system and provide recommendations on the best HVAC solutions based on your interior space and lifestyle.

To schedule maintenance or discuss replacement options for your current unit, contact a Heating & Cooling Two, Inc. professional today!

Maintenance Packages

Take advantage of convenient pre-planned service
All mechanical systems need to be tuned up annually to keep them operating smoothly and efficiently. Just as the mechanical system in your car needs regular tune-ups so does your heating and cooling system. Did you know that your heating and air conditioning system operates approximately 3,300 hours every year? If you compare that to a car driven the same 3,300 hours, at 65 miles per hour it would travel 214,500 miles. Most people would arrange oil changes, tire checks, and other maintenance along the way to ensure the efficiency, comfort, and reliability of the vehicle. Your home’s HVAC system is just as important!

Maintenance & Warranty
Every dealer in the heating and air conditioning industry recommends annual maintenance. Many homeowners don’t realize that HVAC manufacturers REQUIRE annual system maintenance for system warranties to remain valid. Don’t let your warranty get away from you, call Heating & Cooling Two today to schedule your tune-ups!

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The Benefits of purchasing a Heating & Cooling Two HVAC Maintenance Package:
Two Home Visits a Year by a Certified Licensed Technician to Maintain HVAC Equipment

  • Helps Maintain Lower Utility Bills
  • Discounted Trip Charges & Service Repairs
  • Discounted Refrigerant Rates
  • Help Extend Equipment Life
  • Complies with Manufacturer’s Warranty Requirements
  • Help Equipment Run More Efficiently
  • Maintains Equipment Safety
  • Feel Safe & Comfortable in Your Home

At Heating & Cooling Two, our professional staff offers the benefits and convenience of pre-scheduled HVAC Maintenance on all of your Heating and Cooling equipment including furnace, air conditioner/heat pump, air to air exchanger, boiler, humidifier, etc.

Tune-Up Details

Replace Air Filter (Optional)
Flush Drain Lines & Condensate Trap
Inspect Blower Components
Inspect Carbon Monoxide Levels
Inspect Heat Exchanger & Burners
Inspect Electrical Connections & Wiring
Inspect & Test Safety Controls
Inspect Thermostat Operation
Inspect Pilot Operation
Check for Proper Venting
Check Amp Draw/ Motors
Monitor Electrical Currents
Monitor Heating Cycles
Monitor Flue Draft Operation
Adjust Gas Pressure
Adjust Air Flow for Proper Temperature
Lubricate All Moving Parts
Inspect Overall Operation

Replace Air Filters (Optional)
Flush Drain Lines
Clean Outdoor Unit Using Eco-Friendly Solution
Inspect Blower Components
Inspect Indoor Cooling Coil
Inspect Electrical Connections & Wiring
Inspect & Test Safety Controls
Check Thermostat Operation
Check Operating Pressures
Check Amp Draw/Motors
Monitor Air Conditioning Cycles
Monitor Operation
Adjust Air Flow for Proper Temperature
Inspect Overall Operation

Replace water panel
Flush drain line
Clean outside of humidifier
Check over operation

Replace Inline Filter (Optional)
Replace Water Panel
Flush Drain Line
Clean Humidifier Unit
Inspect Overall Operation

Check Burners, Flame Sensors/Thermo Couple
Test Gas Pressure, Pressure Relief
& System Pressure
Flush Condensate Traps & Drain
(when applicable)
Test Freeze Protection (when applicable)
Check Venting & Gas Piping
Test Main Thermostat
Test Ignitors
Check System Pumps
Inspect Overall Operation

Clean Pre-Filters
Clean Outdoor Intake Vents
Clean Interior
Inspect Overall Operation

Zone Systems
UV Bulb Replacement
Dryer Vent Cleaning
Garage Heater
Electronic Air Cleaner
Water Heater Drain & Flush
And More…Call For Details!

Let A Pro Handle That!

Maintenance Packages Available

Platinum Package
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Air conditioning Maintenance
  • Filter replacement
  • Humidifier Maintenance
  • Air exchanger Maintenance
Gold Package
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Air conditioning Maintenance
  • Filter replacement
  • Humidifier Maintenance
Silver Package
  • Furnace Maintenance
  • Air conditioning Maintenance
  • Filter replacement

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